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Call Clive

And get professional Facebook advertising management for your business.

Call Clive today, and learn how to utilise a great social media marketing platform Clive specialises in Facebook META Business suite and META Business manager. I will show you how to use these platform.

If you are a start-up, wannabe start-up, or a current business feeling overwhelmed and are struggling with the complexity of Facebook advertising, Clive can help you get your first campaign set up today. 

Perhaps you are an established business looking for greater efficiency in your Facebook campaigns, better budgeting strategies and audience targeting. 

Clive can adjust and manage your account on an ongoing basis, taking all the work and worry off your back, so you can get on with your business.


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Facebook Posts
for $20 each

  • Can Call Clive manage my FB Posts?
    Off course we can. we provide this service quite frequently We offer a very simple cost effective pricing model for this service. • 1. We can assist with post layout including copy, image and CTA's • 2. We charge $20 per post per platform.
  • How to I select the right audience for my Facebook Ads?
    One of the toughest questions, basically through research we try to discover how our solution matches with client problems. Then we try to establish the demographics and interests that align with your offering. Takes time and testing though :)
  • What's the difference between Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Business Manager
    Both great platforms, however at this stage the suite is an entry level of advertising with limitations. Posting, Boost Posts and very basic paid ads. The Meta Business Manager is a central space to manage your business, giving you the ability to manage all your marketing campaigns, assetts and strategies.
  • How do I create reports for my Facebook advertising campaign?
    These can be created in the Ads manager at the in your Facebook campaign, Ad Set and Ads level and can be automated to be sent via email at any frequency you choose.
  • How do I test whether my Facebook ads are working
    One of the best ways to read and understand the metrics in your customer FB campaign reports, An insight into the most important metrics 3GjBbHv
  • What are URL shorteners and should I be using them?
    URL shorteners ( are used to create a short unique URL that redirects to a specific page or post of your website. You would have seen these on FB and I/G posts. There are various types of URLs Shorteners that include, TinyURL, Bitly, and Cuttly.
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The next morning, her neighbour offered to help with Facebook Advertising...
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I thought you said you knew how to A-B Test various segments with look-alike audiences, Frank.

Clive Can Help

Let's take a look at all the ways Clive can help you master Facebook Advertising:

  • Properly create and set up your Facebook Pixel

  • Connect Your Facebook Ads account

  • Connect Whats App Business

  • Create Your Best Audience

  • Create an awesome ad from your supplied artwork and copy and store it in your Creative Hub

  • Set your monthly maximum spend

  • Create and manage Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • Create a report for this campaign

  • No monthly management fee's

  • No annual fee

  • No hidden charges

  • I have one simple charge, an hourly rate of $150


Now offering!!

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Read Clive's Blog for the latest in Facebook Advertising expertise, tips and tricks.

Clive Considers...

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